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#BookReview The Earl's Defiant Wallflower by Erica Ridley

*Book & Details provided by Net Galley in exchange for honest review.*


Oliver York returns from war to find his father dead, his finances in arrears, and himself the new Earl of Carlisle. If he doesn't marry an heiress—and fast!—he and his tenants are going to be pitching tents down by the Thames. He definitely shouldn't be trading kisses with a penniless debutante... no matter how captivating she is!
Miss Grace Halton is in England just long enough to satisfy the terms of her dowry. But a marriage of convenience isn’t as easy as she’d hoped. Back in America, her ailing mother needs medicine only Grace’s dowry can afford. Which means the dashing earl she can't get out of her mind is the one man she can't let into her heart.

 My Thoughts:
 This was one of those no build up, instantly fall head over heels in love stories. Secondary characters weren't fleshed out even the smallest bit. Grace didn't seem to "fit" into her setting and year. There are expectations and while it's always a little fun to be the one that doesn't conform - there has to be some middle ground.

For some reason, perhaps maybe even my mood while reading - though I'm not sure - I just couldn't get into it and see the wonderful writing in this book. In my opinion there were a lot of missed opportunities to really play on some of the other characters I wondered about (friends, grandparents, etc) and possibly missed opportunities for some really great future series books.

 My Rating: 2 of 5

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2016 Opportunities with A Book, A Beer, & A Dream (ABABAD)

2016 Opportunities with A Book, A Beer, & A Dream (ABABAD)

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#Author #Interview - Hemmie Martin

1) So, first, tell us about your book? ‘Rightful Owner’ is the second book in the DI Wednesday
crime series. When Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox are called to investigate a murder in an
exclusive swingers’ club, they are immersed in a murky world of secrets and sex. Wednesday
contends with the pressures of work and her mother’s mental illness, and Lennox’s ex-wife has
him worried about the sustainability of his role as a father with his two sons.

2) What began the process for this book? Why did you have to write it? After writing ‘In the Light
of Madness’, a one-off DI Wednesday crime novel, I realized how much I’d enjoyed writing
Wednesday and Lennox, and that I didn’t want to say goodbye to them, so I decided to write a
series to spend more time in their company.

3) Did you always think you were going to be an author? Not at all! Although I was passionate
about writing whilst at High School, I had aspirations to be a policewoman, but ended up a
nurse instead.

4) What books/authors have influenced you the most? Too many to list here, but if pushed I’d
say ‘Testament of Youth’ by Vera Brittain, ‘Hotel du Lac’ by Anita Brookner, and ‘The Private
Patient’ by P.D. James

5) What is your typical day like? I work three days a week, then spend as much time as possible on
the other days writing and editing. Unfortunately, I can’t work amongst clutter and with chores
to do, so I tend to the household duties in the morning, and write from lunchtime onwards, until
the demands of the family kick-in. I can easily lose track of time once immersed in writing.

6) What do you enjoy doing when you aren't writing or promoting a current book? I love going to
pubs and watching live cover-bands play; the music’s so loud it enables me to sing along! I also
love reading a range of genres and authors.

7) Now's where you can share your social media links (blog, website, facebook, twitter, etc). - my blog. - my FB
author page. - my Twitter page

Now just a bit of fun stuff:

8) People might be surprised to know I like.... boarding Guide Dogs in training. I may be house
proud, but I love having the Labradors so much, what’s a little dog hair between friends!

9) What is the last book you read? ‘Insomnia’ by Stephen King, which I found disconcerting.

10) What is the last movie you've watched? Was it at the movies or at home? ‘Edge of Tomorrow’
at the cinema.

11) If you could be any fictional character from any book, who would you be and why? I’d love to be Miss Marple for a while. Just imagine having such observational skills and intuition, not to
mention an eccentric persona. I may model myself on her in my older years.

12) What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? I’d dye my hair blue.

13) Anything else you'd like to include/mention? The third DI Wednesday novel, ‘Shadows of the
Mind’, will be published in May 2015, and ‘Garlic & Gauloises’, contemporary fiction, will be
published in the summer of 2015.

#Author #Interview - Elizabeth Housden

1)    So, first, tell us about your book.                                   
I have published five books so far.  My latest one is entitled The Gentlemen Go By.  It is an historical novel - partly romance, partly suspense and is set at the time of the French Revolution but in England, not in France, although the fact that the Revolution is happening is completely relevant to the story!  It is based on the doings of a real-life character - a smuggler - who lived and worked on the Isle of Wight.  However, apart from making sure of the historical accuracies and references at the time, that is all that is real!  The rest is very much my own imagination!
2)    What began the process for this book? Why did you have to write it?               
I have always been very fond of Kipling's poem, A Smuggler's Song.  My mother used to read it to me when I was a little girl.  The title of the book comes from the refrain in that poem.  I had discovered the doings of the real-life smuggler and on re-reading the poem one day, it got me thinking I could tie the two together and I did.  Once I have an idea for a story, I simply have to write it.  It is an absolute compulsion!
3)    Did you always think you were going to be an author?               
No, but I always loved writing.  I started writing plays as a child as I wanted to be an actor, and indeed became one and still am to this day.  I went to one of the top London drama schools and I have worked in the theatre always.  Some years ago I formed my own theatre company and wrote plays for us to perform.  Later, I turned to writing novels as well and I love it.
4)    What books/authors have influenced you the most?             
The writing of Daphne du Maurier undoubtedly influenced me most.  She is a genius.  She also didn't stick to one genre, either and neither do I.  I have found the courage to dodge between different genres because of her particular example in this regard.  Some of her books are set in her own time, some in the past and some in the future.  She also wrote wonderful short stories some of which became full-length films ('The Birds', 'Don't Look Now' etc). Some of her full length novels have also been made into films or for television, notably 'Rebecca' and 'Jamaica Inn'.  She was the daughter of an actor/director and all her stuff is very visual too and I like that.  I very much try to make people "see" my novels in their mind's eye as well as read them.   Another writer I admire is John Galsworthy.  His ' Forsyte Saga' is a stunning piece of writing.  I also like CP Snow, Philip Pullman, C J Sansom and best of all, William Shakespeare - the greatest writer of all time!  Several of my novels could be turned into films or plays.  This has been noted by many people who read them, not just me!
5)    What is your typical day like?               
Currently I am living in Dubai most of the time as my husband is on an assignment out here.  I write every day, sitting by the pool when it is not too hot, or indoors when it is!  This is an extraordinary luxury for me, because living in Dubai, which for wives is simply a modern version of living in the Raj, I have very little to do with running a household.  It is done for me!  I have made, though a few really special and good friends, which is lovely - mostly ex-pats.  There is a lot of nightlife and social happenings of the extravagant kind in Dubai and I engage in that in the evenings after I put down my iPad.  It does not inspire me to write anything set out here, though.  I have to have a reason to set books where they are and the only things I have written that "belong" in the Middle East are short stories in a kind of Arabian Nights way.  They are fun and I enjoy doing that, but nothing of a full length novel comes to me at present set here.
6)    What do you enjoy doing when you aren't writing or promoting a current book?         
Going to the theatre (but that can only happen when I go home to the UK as I do fairly regularly as there is no quality theatre in Dubai at all), dining in good restaurants, having dinner parties with my friends and their families and, most of all, seeing my family and have friends coming to stay with us from home.
7)    Now's where you can share your social media links (blog, website, facebook, twitter, etc).    
I am on Facebook (both as a writer and a personal page, too), Twitter and Linked In.  I also have an Author Page with Amazon.
Now just a bit of fun stuff:

8)    People might be surprised to know I like....         
Snakes!  I love them but no, I wouldn't have one as a pet.  I think that would be cruel.
9)    What is the last book you read?        
The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir (research for another book!)
10) What is the last movie you've watched? Was it at the movies or at home?     
Some Like it Hot (for the umpteenth time!) I watched it on a plane.
11) If you could be any fictional character from any book, who would you be and why?      
I would like to be the heroine of my latest novel, The Gentlemen Go By.  He name is Lady Sophia Catesby and she falls for the hero who is the die for - handsome, charismatic, sexy, naughty, dangerous and he... Well, you read it and find out what he's like!
12) What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?        
There is something I would have done differently in my life but it's too important to me to share with anyone except the tiny handful of people who already know it.
13) Anything else you'd like to include/mention?        
I have looked like Elizabeth Taylor all my life, although of course she was a generation, nearly, older than myself.  Several times I've been thought to be her.  Once, while I was shopping in Harrods, I left the swimwear department and went down to the Food Hall.  I stood beside someone in a queue, two women, in fact, who excitedly told the salesman that Elizabeth Taylor had been spotted in the store buying swimsuits, they had been told.  He glanced at me and looked suddenly surprised.  I quietly put my finger on my lips and walked out into Knightsbridge!  What he said to the two ladies, I'll never know but I knew I could not spoil an occasion for them!  I was also mistaken for her on a plane once, as I was flying, alone, to meet my husband in Barbados.  Several people thought they recognised me and one of the stewardesses as she came up to me said, "Elizabeth..."  I turned and said, "Yes?"  After all it is my name and I didn't realise anything about the rumour at that point.  She told me it was believed Elizabeth Taylor was on the plane (I have to say I was flying in the front of the plane.  I don't think anyone would have thought I was her if I'd been at the back, to be honest any more than anyone would have thought I was Elizabeth Taylor if I'd been spotted in Woolworth's).  I said I wasn't her but it was too late.  Someone had radioed on to Air Traffic Control in Barbados and I was met by a reception committee of girls singing me a welcome to the island.  I stuck dark glasses on my nose, smiled politely as I descended the steps to the tarmac and said nothing and disappeared into the In Transit lounge in as dignified a manner  as possible!  Once again, it was too embarrassing not to enlighten those who thought they'd recognized me.  It doesn't happen any more, of course, as bless her heart, she is no longer with us though people often remark I look like she did.

About me
I was born in Kent but at a very early age we moved to the Isle of Wight where I grew up.  I went to a drama school in London and I have worked in the theatre all my life in some capacity or other.  I also taught drama for 12 years at Bedales School in Hampshire.   I loved it and am still in touch with a huge number of my pupils today.
I formed my own theatre company 14 years ago and we perform anywhere where theatre might be needed.  I started a programme for young people called Shakespeare in a Weekend which has, I'm glad to say, proved inspirational to dozens and dozens of young people who have taken part in the plays we have introduced them to.
I started writing some 25 years ago, firstly plays but going on to novels a year or two later.  My play for children was selected by the BBC's Big Arts Week as one of the best nine events out of 1,400 entries and the only piece of drama chosen.  The play, 'The Jade King and the Animals of
Destiny', has been, and continues to be, performed all over the world.  I now write novels for adults and children.  The five novels I have had published so far are all for adults but the children's books will appear next year.  They are all available on Amazon Kindle Store.
I am married to Michael, who is an international banker and we currently are living most of the time in Dubai. Home in England is in Petersfield, Hampshire.  Between us we have four children, two sons and two daughters, all of whom are married and I have 6 grandchildren, 2 girls and 4 boys.

#Author #Interview - Roberta Aarons

1) So, first, tell us about your book.
‘Slippers in the Oven’ tells the story of Emma, a career woman who steals the husband of her
younger sister Ann, a stay-at-home mother. An inexcusable act which causes them to become
estranged for many years. Reunited at his funeral, they impulsively decide to take a cruise
together. Whilst enjoying new experiences and the amusing antics of their fellow passengers,
they make the heart-warming journey towards reconciliation and forgiveness.

2) What began the process for this book? Why did you have to write it?
I wanted to examine the contemporary topic of the mother in the home versus the career wife. It
was an issue for me and remains an issue for my daughter and her friends. It was a compelling
idea that I knew would make an engaging story.

3) Did you always think you were going to be an author?
I had no idea I was going to become an author or how I was going to express the ideas that I

4) What books/authors have influenced you the most?
Marilynne Robinson for her exquisite descriptive powers, use of language and subtle plotting
as well as the courage to take twenty years to write her second book after her first became a
best seller. At the opposite extreme, Jodi Picoult for her courageous use of the chic lit style to
explore significant and heavyweight subjects, not to mention her formidable output.

5) What is your typical day like?
When I am working on a book, I write-walk-eat, write-walk-eat, write-walk-eat from early in
the morning until late at night. I also cook, mainly casseroles as I get ideas when I am chopping
vegetables. I am very unsociable.

 6) What do you enjoy doing when you aren't writing or promoting a current book?
I make up for the times I am writing intensely, by being very sociable, both entertaining and
visiting. I travel, catch up with theatre and film, and walking along the Thames tow path
further than I allow myself to when I should be working.

Now just a bit of fun stuff:

8) People might be surprised to know I like....
Computers! Because I am so hopeless at them!

9) What is the last book you read?
‘One Night in Winter’ by Simon Sebag Montefiore.

10) What is the last movie you've watched? Was it at the movies or at home?
‘Night Crawler’ with Jake Gyllenhaal. It was at a private screening.

11) If you could be any fictional character from any book, who would you be and why?
Lara from ‘Dr Zhivago’ because I am fascinated by pre-revolutionary Russia as well as the
idea of having that ONE GREAT LOVE you sacrifice everything for!

12) What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
I don’t worry about how people judge me so there is nothing I would be doing differently for
that reason.

 13) Anything else you'd like to include/mention?
 Apparently, as I have now published two books, I am allowed to call myself author on my
passport! That gives me great pleasure!

#BookReview - Drawing the Devil by Jon Keys

*Book & Details provided by Net Galley in exchange for honest review.*


A heart can live a lifetime in eight seconds.Ever since his father caught him with another boy and threw him out at the tender age of sixteen, Dustin Lewis has been fighting his way up the national bull-riding rankings. He’son the brink of qualifying for the National Finals when he draws Diablo, a notoriously rank bull—and the ride goes bad.When bullfighter Shane Rees frees Dustin from the rigging of the same bull that nearly destroyed his face, he comes dangerously close to dropping his guard. Shane knows the potential consequences of being gay in a sport loaded with testosterone-overdosed cowboys,and the resulting scars of mind and body have left him with little self-worth.Their near-death-by-bull first meeting sparks an attraction that awakens every last oneof their personal demons. Yet as the National Finals draws closer, so do they. But they’llhave to overcome emotional highs, near-tragic lows, and bone-crushing danger before lovecan bust out of the chute.Warning: Contains man-on-man boot knocking, rawhide and raw emotions, badasscowboys and even badder-ass bulls. This ain’t your old man’s rodeo.

My Thoughts:

Admittedly I don't review a lot of gay romance. However, the cover and book description drew me into wanting to do one for this  book. I mean, who doesn't love a cowboy - gay or straight?

This book is bull rider versus bull fighter. (See? Tell me that didn't make you seriously give it a bit of thought?) This book was edgy/crude like most cowboys are. Yes, cowboys have their sense of respect, but when they're around other cowboys it all gets thrown to hell and they're off in their "other" cowboy way.

At first I had a deep dislike for Shane, however as the book went on, he seemed to improve for me.

In the end, this was an enjoyable read that was steamy-hot. Perhaps even more realistic because it wasn't written by a woman. A definite pick up for a night you're looking for some yummy cowboys.

 My Rating: 4 of 5

#BookReview - You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz

*Book & Details provided by Net Galley in exchange for honest review.*


This New York Times Bestseller is now available in paperback and makes for an exciting and thought-provoking selection for any book club!
Grace Reinhart Sachs is living the only life she ever wanted for herself. Devoted to her husband, a pediatric oncologist at a major cancer hospital, their young son Henry, and the patients she sees in her therapy practice, her days are full of familiar things: she lives in the very New York apartment in which she was raised, and sends Henry to the SCHOOL she herself once attended. Dismayed by the ways in which women delude themselves, Grace is also the author of a book You Should Have Known, in which she cautions women to really hear what men are trying to tell them. But weeks before the book is published a chasm opens in her own life: a violent death, a missing husband, and, in the place of a man Grace thought she knew, only an ongoing chain of terrible revelations. Left behind in the wake of a spreading and very public disaster, and horrified by the ways in which she has failed to heed her own advice, Grace must dismantle one life and create another for her child and herself.

My Thoughts:
I'm sort of undecided about this book. It seemed to move really slow with far too much "fluff" and not enough actual "meat." It was very slow moving for me and I had to keep stopping myself from skimming most of the book. Sadly, the plot was a good one, it just wasn't well-developed and drawn out by the author. Too much time was spent focusing on things that didn't really matter.

It didn't really work for me - but tell me what you all think after you read it.

 My Rating: 2 of 5

#BookReview - Unlaced by the Outlaw by Michelle Willingham

*Book & Details provided by Net Galley in exchange for honest review.*


A lady and an outlaw…When straitlaced spinster Margaret Andrews tries to stop her headstrong younger sister Amelia from eloping with the wrong man, the last thing she expects is to be caught in a coach accident. Stranded in Scotland with a dangerously handsome Highlander, she must put aside her genteel sensibilities and learn to survive.

Cain Sinclair rescues the prim and proper Margaret, but he knows she’ll never want a man like him. As a self-proclaimed sinner, he lives his life from one day to the next. He unravels every thread of decorum she possesses, tempting her to throw away propriety.

Margaret sees a man worth saving, but Cain fights her efforts to reform him. When Cain risks everything to save his brother from the hangman's noose, Margaret must break all the rules to get him back…or lose him forever.

My Thoughts:
Can you hear me sigh? Seriously. Here's another that I didn't catch a series from the beginning. If you've been following my recent reviews, you'll know this is starting to make me feel as though I haven't been paying much attention to all the authors out there. In allowing for full disclosure, I have read viking romance by this author so I was curious as to where things would go with this.

The great part? There were three plots/story lines working their way through the story. I love when more than one thing is going on. However, at points I wondered if perhaps it was too much and perhaps drawing away from the main concept of what was the real story of this novel.

There were also several unrealistic parts based on the time period and setting of the story. However, all in all not a bad read.

 My Rating: 3 of 5

#BookReview - Texas Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday

*Book & Details provided by Net Galley in exchange for honest review.*


"So beautiful. You make it impossible to think." He pulled her against him and found her mouth. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this."
When he let her up for air, she whispered as though she couldn't trust her voice, "Is this another Texas custom?"
"Absolutely," he growled. "Welcome to Texas."
Rancher Cooper Thorne thinks his life is finally on an even keel-until Delta Dandridge steps off the stagecoach and claims she's his MAIL ORDER BRIDE. Brash and quick-witted, the meddling Southern Belle is everything Cooper thought he never wanted...and everything his heart is telling him he needs.
But Cooper swore long ago that he'd never marry, and he aims to keep his word, especially now that the demons from his past have returned to threaten everything-and everyone-he holds dear...

My Thoughts:
I'm not sure I can do any justice with this review. I was instantly drawn in. I felt as though I was right there with the characters. The characters were wonderfully written, the location, the challenges, the love, the exchanges - it all worked together so well. Everything was so vividly described, I'm not sure I can say enough about it. This is one that is a definite pick up to read. I'd say, since fall is near - the perfect cozy fall read - just make sure you have the time to finish in one sitting because you won't want to put it down.

 My Rating: 5 of 5

#BookReview - Captain of Her Heart by Barbara Devlin

*Book & Details provided by Net Galley in exchange for honest review.*


Lady Alexandra Seymour is going after her man. To make amends for a past deception, when she enlisted her connubial conquest’s aid in a scheme of hearts, she tells newly inducted Nautionnier Knight Jason Collingwood, “I will do anything.” But she ends up making his bed, instead of warming it. Still, Alex will not be discouraged, as she vows to meet and surpass his challenge, but will he meet hers? 

When Alex arrives in Plymouth, Jason tries to resist the temptation she presents, but the highborn daughter of a duke will not be denied. As his storm-battered ship is refitted, he mends the rift in his relationship with the woman of his dreams, but war gets in the way, as duty calls. When Jason returns, six months later, hoping to surprise Alex with a proposal, he’s the one in for a shock, and he fears his lady may never again hold him as the captain of her heart.

My Thoughts:
Needless to say, this was another book that kept me up almost all night. Good for the author. Not so good for me. :)

There were some plot twists that I enjoyed (pregnancy). Also the characters were well developed. I have not read the other books in this series, so it was still new and fresh for me. Alex, at first, annoyed me, but as the story progressed her character seemed to grow into one that I could tolerate :)

A definite read for any fan of Ms. Devlin.

 My Rating: 5 of 5

#BookReview Rough Rider by Victoria Vane

*Book & Details provided by Net Galley in exchange for honest review.*


Two wary hearts …
Janice Combes has two loves, bucking bulls and Dirk Knowlton. But Dirk only has eyes for a dazzling rodeo queen. How can Janice ever compete while mired ankle-deep in manure? Exchanging playful banter with Dirk is all Janice can expect—until the stormy night he knocks on her door dripping wet and needing a place to crash.

Different Dreams…
Dirk Knowlton is living the cowboy dream. Life should be good—roping, branding, backing broncs, riding bulls, but there's a void he can't seem to fill. After getting hung up by a bull, he wonders if this is really the life he wants. Restless and rebellious, he bolts…but there’s a certain cowgirl he can’t forget.

When a battle-scarred Dirk returns to his Montana ranch he's determined to hang on at any cost. Janice has come back home to lick her own wounds. When old dreams turn to dust, can two wary hearts take another chance on love?

My Thoughts:
I have not read the first book in this series, however, this book definitely drew me in from where we start in it. We see another family ranch in this one needing to be saved (I say this because it happens to be the plot of more than several cowboy novels). The details abound in this read. And it's fast paced reading once you turn a few pages as the author draws you into the world of Dirk and Janice.
Anyone who enjoys cowboys and second chance novels will love this. A must read.

 My Rating: 5 of 5

#BookReview Slow Hand by Victoria Vane

*Book & Details provided by Net Galley in exchange for honest review.*


In rural Montana...
Wade Knowlton is a hardworking lawyer who's torn between his small-town Montana law practice and a struggling family ranch. He's on the brink of exhaustion from trying to save everybody and everything, when gorgeous Nicole Powell walks into his office. She's a damsel in distress and the breath of fresh air he needs.
Even the lawyers wear boots...
Nicole Powell is a sassy Southern girl who has officially sworn off cowboys after a spate of bad seeds-until her father's death sends her to Montana and into the arms of a man who seems too good to be true. Her instincts tell her to high tail it out of Montana, but she can't resist a cowboy with a slow hand...

 My Thoughts:
The pros for this book: cowboys, ranches, and Montana (have you been? It's absolutely beautiful.).
My con? Nikki. I have such a difficult time when I can't stand the heroine. In some books a whiny, stubborn, pushy, mouthy, etc female works - in others it just doesn't. For me, living in the country where men wear real cowboy hats and boots and still say "yes ma'am" and open doors for you - her attitude just didn't seem to fit. Out here, she'd have to conform or be an outsider. So, I was surprised a bit with the attraction. However, of course, it was needed for the book.,...but Nikki --I just couldn't get into her, not in the role she had to take with Wade.

Wade- what's not to love? A gentlemanly cowboy trying to do right for the family ranch. I can't fault him for falling for Nikki (although couldn't he have run into anyone else?). This book is good (not great) because WADE makes it that way.

 My Rating: 3 of 5

#BookReview Where Darkness Lies by Bella Jewel

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Anger and pain brought them together, but their passion might just set them free.

Dimitri wants only one thing: revenge. His stepfather, Hendrix, has caused him nothing but pain and heartache. At last Dimitri can take something—someone—important to Hendrix and make him pay: Jess.

Jess is feisty and strong headed. Her past haunts her and connects her to the dangerously dark Dimitri in an unexpected way. Dimitri keeps his secrets locked deep inside, and Jess is drawn to this broken man like no one before.

With little to cling to besides their haunting pasts, both could have been doomed to lives spent raging against the darkness that holds them prisoner. Instead, it seems that as their pain draws them closer together, it is their desire and combustible passion that will set them free.

Where Darkness Lies is a sizzling romance and the second book in the popular Criminals of the Ocean series.
My Thoughts:
I have a secret love for Pirates (especially the ones that seem to be really bad). So, even though I haven't read the other books in this series, I was looking forward to opening it up and getting to meet this pirate.
Kidnapping, revenge, vengeance, and more.
However, Dimitri, to me, wasn't fulfilling my pirate fantasy, at least not completely. There was just something....too much fighter maybe?
There was an unexpected plot twist which pulled me in a bit.
However, it was good. Not great, but not bad. Good.

 My Rating: 3 of 5

#Author #Interview - TS Chaudhry

What began the process for this book? Why did you have to write it?
I was sixteen when I first read Herodotus for my GCE ‘A’ Levels, I found holes in his otherwise
excellent story of the Persian invasion and I felt I could fill in those by telling my own story of
how a woman organized the Greek resistance. Why did I have to write it? Because of the movie
300 which, although visually spectacular, was historically inaccurate, one-sided and bordering
on the racist. I thought an alternative story to the one in the ‘300’ needed to be told.

Did you always think you were going to be an author?
Not until four years ago when I actually started to work on this novel. Until then, I had no idea
this would happen. My only publication until then was an academic article which published a
couple of years earlier which actually came out in Danish – a language I do not speak.

What books/authors have influenced you the most?
In this case, both fiction and non-fiction authors have influenced my work. Cambridge
University’s Professor Paul Cartledge’s seminal works on Sparta and the books by my former
instructor, Professor Barry Strauss of Cornell University provided the historical basis for this
novel and the non-fiction style was influenced by novelists such as Bernard Cornwell, Steven
Pressfield, Elizabeth Chadwick and Philippa Gregory.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren't writing or promoting a current book?
Reading historical non-fiction; almost any type of history.
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Now just a bit of fun stuff:
People might be surprised to know I like....
To travel...all over the world.

What is the last book you read?
“Marlborough” by Correlli Barnett

What is the last movie you've watched? Was it at the movies or at home?
300 Rise of an Empire – on iTunes

If you could be any fictional character from any book, who would you be and why?
William Marshall from Elizabeth Chadwick’s “The Greatest Knight” and “The Scarlet Lion.”

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
Write about current affairs.

#BookReview - Before We Fall by Courtney Cole

Book Description
 December 3, 2013

In the bestselling tradition of J.A. Redmerski and Jessica Sorensen come the next novel in Courtney Cole's New York Times bestselling Beautifully Broken Series...

Sometimes before we fall . . . we fly.One dark moment was all it took to turn twenty-four-year-old Dominic Kinkaide's world black. On the night of his high school graduation, a single incident changed him forever, and he became a hardened man-famous in the eyes of the world, but tortured inside. Now all he cares about is losing himself in the roles that he plays.

At twenty-three years old, Jacey Vincent doesn't realize how much her father's indifference has affected her. She is proof that sometimes it isn't one specific moment that wrecks a person, but an absence of moments. She tries to find acceptance in the arms of men to fill the void-a plan that has worked just fine for her, until she meets Dominic.

When jaded Dominic and strong-willed Jacey are thrown together, the combination of his secrets and her issues turns their attraction into the perfect storm. It could change their lives for good-if it doesn't tear them both apart . . .

Product Details

  • File Size: 1121 KB
  • Print Length: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Forever (December 3, 2013)
  • Sold by: Hachette Book Group
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00DG8ZY7C

  • ReviewFirst - Dominic's character is unbelievable  Oh wow. So much emotion in this book and so well written. The characters come to life (grab tissue) and the story is emotionally moving. Jacey and Dominic just fit. They both have their own past struggles to deal with. 
    This is a page turned from the moment you start getting to know the characters. This was the first Courtney Cole book I've read, but it won't be the last.
    A must read.


    #BookReview - Knight of Passion by Margaret Mallory

    Book Description
     May 14, 2010
    Renowned beauty Lady Linnet is torn between two desires: revenge on those who destroyed her family or marriage to her childhood sweetheart Sir James Rayburn. One fateful night, she makes a misguided choice: she sacrifices Jamie's love for a chance at vengeance.

    Jamie Rayburn returns to England in search of a virtuous wife-only to find the lovely Linnet as bewitching as ever. Their reckless affair ignites anew, even hotter than before, although Jamie vows to never again trust her with his heart. Then just as Linnet begins to make amends, she's tempted by one last opportunity to settle old scores. But a final retribution could cost her Jamie's love - this time forever.

    Product Details

  • File Size: 488 KB
  • Print Length: 405 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0446559865
  • Publisher: Forever; 1 edition (June 1, 2010)
  • Sold by: Hachette Book Group
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00351DSSW

  • Review: I'm kind of at odds with myself over my formal opinion of this book. Imagine that. Jamie Rayburn is a love sick child when the book begins. After five years away from Linnet, he's an accomplished Knight and likes things his way...until he sees her again. Determined to not be the love sick fool with her again, he tries to play another card. Will it work for him or will his heart be broken again? Is Linnet stubborn enough to allow the only man she's ever loved walk out her door again because she won't tell him how she really feels?
    Parts of this book almost stopped for me. Other parts flew by and I couldn't wait to turn the page. I enjoyed the ending and how Margaret Mallory gave a satisfying close to the book. There was a part of the book left unanswered...without giving too much away, Jamie was to do something and was seeking his family's opinion as to how to seek his way out of it {that's about all I can say on it}. There was almost too much pulling apart and putting back together for me. But, as I said, I enjoyed the majority of the book.

    #BookReview A SEAL's Secret by Tawny Weber

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    Subject: Lt. Commander Mitch "Irish" Donovan

    His Mission: Babysit a fitness queen with a hands-on approach!

    Navy SEAL Mitch Donovan always plays to win. The push-up contest at the Halloween party should have been a piece of cake. Except that the cake in question is a hot woman dressed as a delicious dessert. Now the only exercise on Mitch's mind is restraint…

    Livi Kane may be The Body Babe, but she has zero confidence. This hunky SEAL, however, makes her forget everything—except for a workout involving his hot, naked bod and a whole lot of sexy, sweaty delight. But Mitch has his secrets—and Livi certainly has hers. All it will take is one unexpected encounter to turn this steamy attraction into an even bigger secret that will start showing any day now…

    My Thoughts:
    Seriously, who doesn't love a SEAL? (spoken like a true girl who has friends that are and that were.) Weber manages to create action and hot sizzling romance along with devotion and so much more. The characters were wonderfully developed and there was enough going on to keep me flipping pages long past my bedtime. If you're a fan of military romance or wanting to give it a first try - this book is a must have.

    Again, with this series this is the only book I've read. However, I will be looking up the others very soon.

     My Rating: 5 of 5

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