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Riveting His Attention

by May Williams





Jim Ferguson hides from his past and focuses on his future until Lady Ella Harwich rivets his attention.


Lady Ella Harwich is capricious. At least that’s what her older brother thinks. However, when it comes to Jim Ferguson, Lady Ella is quite serious. One long, lingering kiss put Jim at the center of her romantic desires and at the top of her list of suitors. And she plans to keep him there. Unfortunately, Jim wants off her list because of a secret past, a career as a shipbuilder instead of a gentleman, and his own inability to resist her. Proving her love—and his worthiness for her love—is Ella’s only way to rivet his attention.




Smiles were rarities on Jim’s face and this one was pure pleasure. After shaking hands with the engine room workers, he looked to her, the smile still in place. If she didn’t already love him, she would have fallen at that moment when he included her in his triumph. Their eyes met and held despite the heat, noise, and confusion. A connection as strong as the bolted together parts established itself between them.


A worker asked Jim a question redirecting his gaze, but the bond was there. When he made his way to her, she couldn’t contain the silly, feminine smile on her face.


“Congratulations,” she yelled. “I’m not sure what happened, but it seemed right.” She could have been speaking of the mechanics of the situation, but she wasn’t. Everything between them seemed right. For the first time, Jim seemed comfortable with her loving him and she dared to hope that he’d act on how she knew he felt about her.


“The engine turned the propeller under us. You could feel the wash of the screw turning.” Since she’d seen sketches of the ship, she understood what he meant, but the ground moving under her feet was from an entirely different cause. “Come see the rest of what we’re building.”


Then we probably didn’t include her, but the way he said it, with the calm, confident expression on his face, pulled her in.


Taking her hand, he led her up one flight and through a maze of rooms where men worked. Finally, they reached an empty cabin. Dark wood, masculine and strong, covered the walls and floor, and a bank of windows faced off the stern of the ship. He shut the cabin’s door blocking out the sounds of hammers and men’s voices. His hand still gripped hers and he gave no sign of relinquishing it.


“The captain’s quarters,” he said, his voice gravelly.


“Very official looking,” she responded, wondering where this was going. Jim was not the reserved, controlled Jim. He had the look of a slightly wild horse just released from its harness.


“I’m feeling unofficial.” His eyes darkened to the color of sky at twilight as he drew her closer, crushing her gown, but feeding her passion. “You have to give me a congratulatory kiss.” With one finger, he lifted her chin a fraction until their lips almost met and he waited.


She considered being difficult by giving him a peck on the cheek.


So she waited.


When his finger wandered down the line of her throat to caress along her collarbone, she concluded being difficult was overrated. Her lips parted before making contact with his, launching the kiss from tender to tempestuous before she got her arms around his neck.




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


May loves romance. Big pink roses, chocolate hearts, sunset walks, but, most of all, she loves romance novels. She’s been reading romances since she first discovered the public library where the librarians didn't notice or didn't care what she was checking out even though she hadn't hit puberty yet.


Since then, May has continued to read every genre of romance, but she writes mostly historical. Places and time periods have stories to tell. And she likes to listen. Her most recent novels are Victorian era pieces where she can imagine beautiful gowns and elegant teas.


When May’s not writing, she manages a houseful of children, pets, and flowers grown in her garden.





Twitter: @maywilliams2


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