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Love blesses those who open their eyes

An arranged marriage is daunting, but not as daunting as seducing a spouse whose passions you do not understand.

​Derek Charles Holbrook, Viscount Banfield, knew his fate since he was seventeen when his father announced his union to the beautiful but mysterious American girl by the name of Miss Grey. To protect the troubled estate, Derek submits to his father's wishes, not realizing he's about to entangle himself in a hell of a lot more than marriage. 

​Miss Clementine Henrietta Grey may be worth millions, but not a single coin has ever bought her a smidge of happiness. When she marries the charasmatic and dashing Viscount Banfield, whose only strife in life appears to be the uneven seams in his coat, she finds that siring the heir he wants requires far more than her heart is prepared to give.

Unable to seduce his overly-serious and reluctant wife, Derek realizes his dreams of creating a loving family has turned into a nightmare. But with the unexpected assistance of a retired courtesan and her outrageous school, Derek and Clementine discover that passion is a language spoken not just from the body, but from the mind, heart and soul.


My Thoughts:

A chance meeting shows Derek being a jerk and far too forward with a girl far too young upon a first encounter. Unknowingly to him, he's betrothed already to the girl he was hoping to win. However, he has to wait seven years to marry her and deal with an uncontrollable younger brother in the meantime.

Needless to say, I found Banfield's character annoying and to a point of being immature. When Clementine refuses their long awaited marriage, he stoops to asking her for one night.

As she was intent on leaving Derek to go to Persia, the Persian Prince changed his mind and demanded she go through with her wedding. I didn't understand the whole idea of the Persian Prince. For me, it would have made more sense had she simply wanted to break the engagement because she didn't want children. (Or because of Derek's childish, annoying behavior- that would have worked for me too. He was far too whiny and demanding.)

I'm not quite sure I felt "right" with the School of Gallantry. The book had an interesting concept, but may have been better used in other ways.

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